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Plan your entire trip in Travel Witch, and write down all particulars for every part in the trip
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Anders Gardo
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18 March 2010

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Most of us love to travel across the countryside for spending some leisure and quality time with friend and loved ones. Further, it requires immense planning and beforehand thinking that includes making lists of things to do, places to visit and shop and what all stuff to carry along. Such lists are on a constant up-gradation and new ideations keep replacing the old points making it cumbersome to finalize everything. Multiple people managing and making schedules for a trip often makes it a disaster even before the trip begins. A digitized planner offers multiple options to manage and plan lots of activities and schedule appointments and meetings; a similar trip planner is Travel Witch 1 that facilitates planning and organizing of a trip which includes everything.

Travel Witch 1 opens with a neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top pane and options for carefully planning fresh events date wise that includes putting up cost values and days and also options for putting up graphics. The software is an essential tool for planning all sorts of personal and professional trips whether short or long and inserts the details of every part of the trip in the application. The planning can be done carefully and keeps a scope of consistent changes making it extremely flexible. Furthermore, the user can search for the flights and train bookings on the internet and cut and paste the information onto the application. The software is also capable of displaying graphics showing the entire trip as planned with graphics and informational pieces, besides showing all bookings and payments done for boarding and lodging and the print option makes it easy enough to carry it along.

To conclude, Travel Witch 1 certainly proves to be an enhanced tool for planning and systemizing the trip schedules and hence gets a rating score of four points for its impressive performance and organizational tools.

Publisher's description

Travel Witch is designed for planning trips, short or long. You can use the program for planning your professional trips, for the family holiday or the big adventure trip you longed for. The idea is to plan the entire trip in Travel Witch, part by part, and write down all particulars for every part in the trip. The planning can be done during a long time, the planned trip is always at your fingertips and you can change the planning as new ideas crops up or old ones are scrapped. Search for your trains, flights, hotels, museums etc. on the Internet and “Cut and paste” the information into Travel Witch. A screen with graphics shows your entire trip and you get a good grip of the length of different stays and travels. You can also see the cost for a smaller or bigger part of the trip and keep track of bookings and payments. Make a print out just before you leave and you will have all planning for the trip on a couple of pages.
Travel Witch
Travel Witch
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